Hello Creative Friends,


This year started with new lockdown regulations and another wave of the COVID 19 virus. This restricted another set of people from earning a living and we have seen a lot of hardship and businesses close down due to the first year of lockdowns and strict trading regulations.


Some have lost friends, family and jobs in 2020 due to the economic downturn associated with the lockdown. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. This has been and still is a tough time for business and family.


Keeping a small enterprise open in this financial turmoil is not an easy task but with the support of all my loyal clients and friends I have survived 2020 and look forward to an exciting 2021 that will be filled with new and exciting ventures and ideas.


We have 6 new workshops planned for the first part of the year. Keep your eyes open for the workshop times. They will be posted on our group and website shortly. (We had to wait for the sun to come out to take photos)


For those that do not want to venture out, we have a range of beautiful DIY kits (even the workshop ones will be available) to keep you creative. Should you be interested in these contact me and I will forward you the details.


Our in-house waterslides and stencils have been doing exceptionally well and I am satisfied that my decision to use 350 micron mylar has been a good one. The stencils are hardy and can be used for raised stencilling.


Our waterslides are doing well and we now stock both A4 and A3 waterslides. The paper we use is imported and does not tear or stretch. All white areas on the waterslides are printed and most of our waterslides have a white under print allowing it to be used on dark surfaces.


Something new and exciting that we have in stock is the “Saltwash” that can be used on projects to give it a vintage chipped look. (Watch tutorial video on our A Word Or Two Painting Group)


As February is the month of love we are giving all our subscribers and Group members the beautiful chocolate wrapper download for personal use. Spoil those you love.


Well, I am off to creating things and getting ready to show you all the new and beautiful things we have in store for you this year.


Keep safe and take care.

Stay safe and artsy!
Much love,
Neolien (Founder - A Word or Two)