Hello Creative Friends


And just like that we are in the final month of one of the craziest years I have ever lived.


Normally this time of year everyone is tired, stressed and ready to go on holiday, however, this year with all the additional stress, lockdown, COVID, job/business losses, loss of friends and family and so much more than usual we have dealt with we are all at the end of our tether. People who are usually upbeat and happy go lucky suddenly fight with everyone. People are tired and service is slow. Not everything will go according to plan. You will be disappointed, however our response to that happening around us is controlled by us and we have to remember there is a human behind every action and they are experiencing the same as we do. Everyone is frustrated, stressed and stretched way beyond. Be kind, to yourself and others.


We have come through this year scraped and slightly “bomb shocked” but with the support of all my beautiful and kind clients I have made it and will be here again next year with new ideas, prints and beautiful things. Thank you to each one of you. I am truly blessed.


I will be open throughout December and for those staying at home we will be having random workshops and “bring your item” paint days. Be sure to watch our Facebook Group for more details. We have stocked up on our Vintage Paint, Embellishments, waterslide transfers and stencils and will be able to cater for your needs.


Remember to join our A Word Or Two Painting Group on Facebook. There are lots of downloads for personal use and tutorials. It’s a great bunch of like minded people.


Our December Christmas Card freebie is available to all subscribers to download. Be creative and remember to have fun.


December, the last stretch. It is a month of celebration, family, friends and being thankful. I wish all of you a magical month filled with love, laughter and endless blessings. May you all be safe wherever you are and may you be at peace.


Stay safe and artsy!
Much love,
Neolien (Founder - A Word or Two)